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Roof Top Mounting

SunMount offers the best mounting solutions specific for the widest range of roof types. These include metal roof profiles such as IBR, Klip-Lok, Craft-Lock, BrownBuilt & Corrugated, as well as Flat Concrete & Roof Tile applications.


Whether you are going portrait, landscape, direct-mount or tilted, our rated and widely used products provide the flexibility, strength and simplicity required to position your solar panels in the best possible way to harvest maximum power generation.


All our components have been conceptualised, designed, tested, and manufactured in South Africa.


Our roof mounting hardware has been trusted in multiple applications where SunMount has supplied of over 100 Mwp in support of renewable energy projects including Solar PV, Hot Water Heating, Cable Tray and Rooftop Walkway applications.


Rooftop Applications:

Flat Direct (Rail-less) Mount Application

Flat Rail Mount Application

Metal Roof Terraced Mount Application (10 – 30 Degrees)

Flat Concrete Roof Tilt Mount Application (10 – 30 Degrees)


Peace of Mind:

  • All mounting brackets are rated for 120kg to 150 kg ‘pull-off’ load.

  • All mounting bracket are galvanised (HDG) and corrosion resistant.

  • All mounting brackets are ideal for inland and coastal applications.

  • All rooftop mounting brackets include insulation to limit metal on metal contact.

  • All components have a 10-year warranty.

Please refer to the Catalogue on this website for individual technical data sheets.

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