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The need to get off the electricity grid

Getting off the electricity grid is a topic that has been from the furthest reach of the mind five years ago, however, while some have

taken the step to be less dependent on the grid, others are strongly considering it, and the majority of paying electricity users are whispering it, only emphasizes that this is no longer in the furthest reach of our minds any longer.

The need has risen from the unstable grid in South Africa and the fact that while many sponge off the grid for free while tariffs are raised for the payers regularly.

While this sounds like a great idea and the way to go, the limiting factor is that the initial cost to set up is quite expensive. The long-term benefits do outweigh the initial expense; however, many people do not have that kind of capital outlay and there are many factors to consider calculating the exact cost such as:

  • The number of occupants

  • The electricity consumption of the home

  • The size and age of the home to determine if the home was designed with energy efficiency in mind

  • Do you want to be completely off the grid or less reliant?

There are some funding models available, as well as the move to solar and getting off the grid can be done in stages, however, more on this later, but there are some quick fixes to put less strain on the grid from your home, as well as beat the load shedding dilemma such as installing gas stoves will save your current electricity bill as well as ease the burdening cost of moving off the grid when the time comes.

Whatever the consideration is, the current grid is not dependable, not well maintained, and alternative means must be considered as power sources for homes and businesses.

More to follow on how ways to get off the grid from a more technical perspective.

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